Nicholas Murray, affectionately known as CONKARAH,has a culturally diverse background that is evident in his music which explores different genres throughout. He is most widely known for his reggae covers of Top 40 hits including his cover of Adele’s “Hello” featuring Rosie Delmah of the Solomon Islands.

Conkarah takes his listeners to the Hawaiian islands “Aloha”. This contemporary melody mixes “good vibes” with a classic Lover’s Rock sound which results in a win for Conkarah.

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Also rewind with “Good Vibes!” featuring Jahboy and Sammielz

The South Pacific sound of Solomon Islands combined with the Caribbean flavor of Jamaica that produces “Good Vibes!”
The vocals of Jahboy, Conkarah, and Sammielz on this mellow tune are sure to provide the tunes for good vibes.

The Road- Conkarah

The Road

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