META AND THE CORNERSTONES’ “Mind Your Business” is an anthem for musical revolutionaries worldwide. The instrumentation, production, and vocals all work in harmony to deliver a powerful message. The best advice anyone can give you is simply “Mind Your Business!”

The infectious hook leads into:
Mind oh mind. Mind Your Business
If you don’t have nothing good to say … stay away!

Lead singer Meta Dia is a metaphorical activist for the culture. He says “My music is about peace, love and harmony. It is the language of the free soul.” Transfusing the sounds of afro-pop, hip-hop, jazz, and rock, Meta and The Cornerstones create a unique mixture of soul music can listen to and learn to love. They call this infusion of sounds: “The future of reggae music”.

“Mind Your Business” is the first single released from ‘Hira’ the third studio album by Meta and The Cornerstones.

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