Dub FX is a street performer who has performed in 40 different countries yet is largely unknown in his home country of Australia. Circa 2011, Dub FX, born Ben Stanford, decided to the streets of the world to play music and fund his dream.

With over 100 million YouTube video views, there is no wonder this loop artist who uses his own voice to create beats which he then sings and raps over.

“So Are You” is the first single from Dub FX’s album, Thinking Clearly. The music video which was shot in Melbourne, Australia features shots of Dub FX as he travels through the city of Melbourne.

The perfect blend of electronic sound effects and trumpets, “So Are You” shares the message that we are all trapped in our own minds sometimes, much like animals in the zoo.

The Vibe

“Thinking Clear” is a unique song by DUB FX. It starts out with a simple rhythm, resembling a beat that’s made when someone knocks on a table. The song opens with 2 questions: “Are we gonna keep on fighting? Are we gonna keep on dividing?” After these questions are repeated the beat picks up and harmonies are added. Little by little what started as just a beat has grown into a full musical ensemble. The simplicity of the song makes it easier to understand the message. All the artist, Dub FX, wants is for people to come together, have a time and enjoy good music.

Dub FX was born Benjamin Stanford in Melbourne, Australia. He began his career as a member of an alternative rock band called N.O.N, formerly known as Twitch. The group only released one album and shortly after that Dub FX moved to Italy and went solo. He is a completely independent artist, using only word of mouth and social media to attract listeners to his shows. During his performances he only uses live looping and effects pedals to accompany his vocals. He creates unique reggae and hip-hop bass rhythms, familiar to the dub sound.

The Road

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