JAHMIEL reminds us that we all have inner strength to overcome life’s obstacles in “Strongest Soldier”. Reggae music is for the people who need to know they are not alone.We must press forward. In the hardest of times, people worldwide turn to music to find consolation. Jahmiel speaks directly to anyone who needs encouragement. A humble heart is grateful one, but even the ‘strongest soldier’ has a breaking point.

Jamaican recording artist Jahmiel sings it straight:

The strongest soldiers get the hardest fight
The realest people live the hardest life
Sun always shine, even after the darkest nights
So better days are on the way…

Life isn’t so sweet and simple on the island of Jam Rock. Sometimes it seems as though things will never get better for the everyday people. A mother struggles to feed her child and a father gives up searching for a job to support his family. Real music gives hope to the downtrodden and strength to the weak. We are a community of music lovers uplifting one another. United the victory is ours.

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