Nicholas Murray, affectionately known as CONKARAH, was born in Kingston, Jamaica to a British mother and Jamaican father. This culturally mixed household is what led him to explore different genres of music as well as influences his artistic style. He is most widely known for his reggae covers of Top 40 hits including his cover of Adele’s “Hello” featuring his younger sister Rosie Delmah of the Solomon Islands. Conkarah has been dedicated to learning new musical styles and infusing them in his music. This is prominent in his song “Don’t Kill My Love.”

“Don’t Kill My Love” is an upbeat tune with a 1950s pop type vibe. The bass line is more subtle, but the beat is extremely catchy. Conkarah’s impeccable harmonies can be heard over chords of “doo wah” throughout the verses. Conkarah tells the story of how he seemingly fell in love all of a sudden. He begs for his new interest not to kill his new found love for her.

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