“Are You The One” is a single from JULIAN MARLEY. It is an eloquently written ode to the love of his life, reggae music. This roots reggae track showcases the very best of Julian’s vocal abilities and his natural aptitude for music. The song is recorded with a live band as opposed to a music track.

Marley tells the story of the journey and growth of reggae music. This song is unique because the chorus and first verse is sung from the first person perspective of “reggae music.” Reggae music is personified and explains that it has traveled far and wide to bring peace and healing all over the world.

Julian Marley is one of the notably talented sons of the late Bob Marley. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom with his mother. Like his father and brothers, Julian found his natural musical ability at an early age and began to pursue it. He recorded his first demo at age 5. His first album “Lion in the Morning” was released in 1997. Since then he has released 7 albums. Julian performed along with The Uprising for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

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