“Trueversation” is an incredibly iconic song, for several reasons. First, it features reggae legend Damian “Jr Gong” Marley and the lovely QUEEN IFRICA. Their styles compliment each other; Jr. Gong lets the words flow freely over Queen Ifrica’s almost sensual lyrics. The pair seduce each other with their words, emphasising the message of the song. Even the song title, “Trueversation”, eludes to the importance of having an open and intellectual conversation with someone. They remind us that it is equally important to be connected mentally, not just physically.

This single is also important because of the history behind both Queen Ifrica and Jr. Gong. Queen Ifrica, who was born and raised in the hills of Montego Bay, Jamaica, is the daughter of the great Derrick Morgan. He is noted as having given Bob Marley, Damian Marley’s father, one of his first recording opportunities and even having some influence on some of his earlier hits. Queen Ifrica and Jr. Gong’s connection is generational. With such great musical influences in their lives it’s no wonder that they would find their way to each other and make magic.

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