Sean Paul’s single “MAD LOVE” with rising American star Becky G and legendary DJ David Guetta is not only seductive lyric-wise, but its smooth beat adds that dance element that Sean Paul has made a staple in a career full of hits.

Adding to this already rhythmic single is the music video’s colorful visuals which prove to be the perfect compliment to carry the track to yet another level.

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“No Lie” is a hot tune by Sean Paul featuring Dua Lipa. This song debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts within its first week of release. “No Lie” is one of Sean Paul’s many recent releases with a pop style featuring a notable pop artist. Throughout, Dua Lipa’s sultry vocals resonate over the heavy bassline.

The Road- Sean Paul

The Road- Becky G

The Road- David Guetta

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