JAH9 possesses femiNine energy within the music of roots and rastafari. As a female storyteller, Jah 9 shares her voice in a unique way. She was the executive producer of her 9-track project entitled, Nine. Jah 9 is one of the keystone vocalist in the reggae revival movement. As a paladin, she makes strong points for females coming up in Jamaica’s staple sound.

Jah 9 is a dub enthusiast and certified yogi. She believes in using her musical vibrations to exercise the mind, body, and soul. Jah 9 fulfills her mission as a pioneer for women in music. Throughout this song, you can feel her in-tune spirit and natural aura. The recent remix to this track is with fellow entertainer Chronixx.

The Vibe

Jah9 is shaking things up on, Unafraid. “Unafraid” is a powerful and intentionally confrontationalit is commendable for Jah9 to take such a strong stance.

The Road

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